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From Charleston      


On I-64 take exit 58A- 119south Oakwood Road.  Turn right onto 119 South. Turn right at the bottom of the ramp onto 119 south.  Continue on 119 south to Logan.  (55 miles)


 Take exit to route 73 to Logan.  Continue on 73 for two miles.  At the next intersection, turn left onto route 10.  Turn right at the second traffic light to continue on route 10.


 After you go thru Logan you will come to a railroad trestle. Left takes  you to the Bear Wallow Trailhead.


Right takes you to the Rockhouse Trailhead at Man.  Turn  right to Man and Gilbert.


 In Man, exit right onto route 80 at the end of the 4-lane highway.  This is called Huff Junction.  Just past the Pic Pac grocery store, the road veres left.  Do not cross the bridge.  Turn left toward Gilbert.  The river will be on your right and the railroad tracks on your left.


 As you enter the Town of Gilbert Hardee's will be on your Left. Continue across the bridge and Fox ATV Lodge is at the end of the bridge on your left.


From Bluefield




On I-77 North , enter East River Mountain Tunnel from VA in right lane.

Immediately take Exit 1 to route 52 North to Bluefield.            


Route 52 merges with 460 west.  Continue on 460 west.  There will be sign saying Bluefield State College next right 1 mile.  At traffic light turn right onto Maryland Ave.  Turn right at stop sign on Maryland Ave. Continue on Maryland Ave. There will be a traffic light at the bottom of a hill with a bridge in front.      Continue across the bridge on route 52 north to Welch. You are about 90 minutes from Gilbert at this point.




At Welch there will be a Gas Station, McDonalds and an intersection with a road on the left going up the hill.  Turn left and go up the hill. As you come down the other side, continue through the next traffic on 52 north to Gilbert. You are about 30 miles from Gilbert.       


As you come into Gilbert, Hardee's will be on your right at the intersection. Turn left and cross the bridge. Fox ATV Lodge is the first left after you cross the bridge.


From Beckley


On I-64, take exit 42/Robert C. Byrd Dr./Mabscott


There will be a sign WV-16S to WV-97W/SOPHIA/MULLENS.  Bear right on to route 16S/97W/Robert C. Byrd drive.  Continue for about two miles.  Turn right onto route 97 west.


Continue on 97W.  Just past the filling station in the town of Maben.  After you pass a filling station on your right, turn right toward Pineville/Welch on 97W. You will come to a fork in the road. Left takes you to Twin Falls Resort State Park turn right to Pineville on 97W. 

As you come into Pineville, there will be large church on your right and a gas station on your left. Turn left at this intersection.  Shortly, there will be another three-way intersection.  Turn right at the stop sign and continue on 97 west.


Route 97 intersects with route 52.  Turn right onto US-52 North. Continue on 52 North to Gilbert.


As you come into Gilbert, Hardee's will be on your right at the intersection. Turn left and cross the bridge. Fox ATV Lodge is the first left after you cross the bridge.


From Williamson


On route 119 as you come to Williamson, there will be Walmart on your right.  Turn right at the second light (after you pass Walmart).  Go across a bridge and under a train trestle.  Turn right onto route 52.


Continue on route 52.  You will pass the Buffalo Mountain trailhead on the right.  As you come into the Town of  Delbarton, turn right at the intersection at the bottom of the hill.


Continue on route 52 to Gilbert.  Once in Gilbert, you will pass Speedway on your right.  Fox ATV Lodge is about ¼ mile past Speedway on the right, beside the bridge.